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Layout criteria

Spider: Speed [1/min]:
Torque TKN [Nm]: Max. torque TK max. [Nm]:
Temperature factor St: Operational factor SB:
Shock factor/ Starting freq. per hour SA:
Distance between shaft ends LR [mm]:

Driving side
Type driving side:
Bore driving side d1 [mm]:
Moment of inertia driving side * 10-6 [kgm2]:
Driven side
Type driven side:
Bore driven side d2 [mm]:
Moment of inertia driven side * 10-6 [kgm2]:



Technical data
Name: Size:
Degree of hardness (Shore):
Nominal torque TKN [Nm]: Max. torque TK max [Nm]:
Min. bore [mm]: Max. bore [mm]:
Friction torque d1 (type 7.5) [Nm]**: Friction torque d1 (type 7.5) [Nm]**:

Geometrical data
DH [mm]: L1 [mm]:
L [mm]: L3 [mm]:
E [mm]: t1 [mm]:
Min. LR [mm]: Max. LR [mm]:
DR [mm]: DK [mm]:
e [mm]:

Physical data
Moment of inertia overall [kgm2]: Stat. torsion spring stiffnes overall [Nm/rad]:
Weight overall [kg]:
Max. allowable speed at LR [min-1]: Max. allowable speed [min-1]: 3000
Displacement radial at LR [mm]: Displacement angular [°]:
Min. displacement axial [mm]: Max. displacement axial [mm]:
Moment of inertia hub (max. bore) [kgm2]: Moment of inertia adapter hub [kgm2]:
Moment of inertia tube (per meter) [kgm2]: Stat. torsion spring stiffness tube (per meter) [Nm/rad]:

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